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wayne gustaveson

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I launched out of Antelope Pt Friday morning 8/11 early and due to the wind causing turbid water I hustled up to the San Juan but never saw any boils even when arriving in the river and slowing down and having flat water and overcast skies.

After driving around Cha Bay I just went on up to Neshkai and bass fished again but the fishing was just ok. A few on TW, more on the Ned Rig and even more and bigger on the good 'ol Yamamoto dbl tail grub.

After awhile I went on up to the 'Spencer's Camp' area but only caught a few LM. On the way back down the Great Bend I about slept through lotsa boils but turned around and got on them consistently good from 1-3. These were large groups of fish stretched all across the bend and I'd catch 2-4 from each group and by the time I'd get them all unhooked I'd have to chase the group down 100 yards from me going north. This repeated itself so many times I got wore out and quit throwing TW and just tossed a big rattletrap as these fish would eat anything!! Sometimes they'd just have my boat surrounded 5' away but I did my best to save a few stripers!

Gotta luv the DNA of these small bass (pic) trying to eat a spoon that's their same size.

It's worth mentioning that the new Mercury 'auto trim' (see picture) on this new boat works pretty well. Good for beginners and seasoned veterans alike!!

Sam Sherwood

Mesa, AZ



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We will arrive Friday and I'll show you how it's done.:D
Some how I missed this post earlier.


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I love catching a punk 2" bass on a 3 or 4" grub. They are awesome. Wish i had pictures, it's cute.
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