Pelvic Arch

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wayne gustaveson

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September 14, 2007 - Hikers: Wayne and Charlene Gustaveson, Carlos and Raquel Dibble

Water Elevation: 3,602.

Hike distance: approx. 100 yards

Geologic Feature: Pelvic Arch

Dr Carlos Dibble and Dr Raquel Dibble

We were in the Escalante River viewing Cathedral in the Desert and then moved on to Davis Gulch to see La Gorce Arch. On the way in, within 200 yards of the white Davis Gulch marker buoy, I glimpsed a possible small arch in a rock wash on the right side of channel. Upon further investigation we found it was indeed an arch that looked like a "bow tie" from the lake.

I wanted to name it Bow Tie Arch but the two OB GYN doctors with us said it looked more like a pelvic arch. So we went with that. Note the arch in this picture on the left about elbow high.

We scrambled up the slick rock and we able to get a good photo of the arch feature from above. It is only possible to get into the rock ravine with a rope and then with someone to man the rope and pull you out.

The arch stands about 8 feet high. Many plunge pools line the creek bottom. One is completely full of round cobble rocks, others are empty.

Looking down on Pelvic Arch from the slick rock fin above.

View from above the arch looking back on the short walk to the boat.

This is a good quick trip for fun viewing on the way to La Gorch Arch and hiking further in Davis Gulch.
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