Park Rangers

Kurt Douglas

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Just returned from a 3-day trip to Slick Rock and Iceberg. Fishing wasn't great but the wind sure was. We knew this coming down but decided to come anyway, hoping for the best. Fished some Monday afternoon and evening and a few hours on Tuesday before the wind hit and drove us off. This post isn't so much about the fishing, we caught maybe 50 between two of us for the 2 days. We locked the truck fob in the truck upon launching so were thinking about how we were going to get in at the end of the trip. We talked to the Park Ranger at the top of Bullfrog ramp and he got the dispatcher on immediately. They were FANTASTIC. I know they have taken some heat lately but this time they came thru with flying colors. They needed to travel from Halls back to Bullfrog. We waited about 40 minutes they showed up with the tools and unlocked the truck for us. We are grateful they were able to save our trip. Three great Rangers today. On our way back to Colorado we stopped at the new restaurant in Hanksville, Outlaws Roost. They just opened after remodeling. Owners were very friendly, place is very clean and looks great. The burrito was great and for a very good price. These are new owners and looking to get started. Stop and give them a try. As their sign says, "Best burrito in Hanksville."


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Man, this must be my day for running my mouth,lol. Thanks for info on Outlaws Roost, we were wondering when they would open. The service you received is not just you with your truck unlock, this year we have had nothing but outstanding service, promises kept, work done and communications excellent with the personnel at Bullfrog. I know Tony has a lot to do with this and we thank him as well as the people who perform these services. THANK YOU


(y)I owned a tow company for many years and some states don't allow officers to do unlocks ! "Liabilty" damage an airbag sensor and WAM $800 to $2000 to get repaired . I would say for them to assist was fantastic .(y) Always suggest a (hidden)door key to sportsman who hunt,fish,hike ,ride in remote areas.. Cheers.