Papa Jacks Low Water Level Contest 2017 (Winner colorado)


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Sorry chrisut,

The Low Level contest closed Feb. 1.

Look for the High Water Level Contest starting March 1, 2016.

Thank You


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After a week the water level has hit a new low for this year.

Lake Mead is still rising and more SNOW and RAIN in the forecast.

Snow Pack has hit 19 and still rising. Come on 20+.


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We still have a lot of wordlings still in the water with the water level going up and down.

We still have a ways to go, but we might be looking good if the water level stays high.

Water level today 3-1-2017 was up .05 to 3594.33.


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To All

When the water drops to the lowest level and then starts back up, that is the low water level. The guess that is just above that level is the winner. The guess that water below the water level guessed to low. The second guess and all guesses above the final water level guessed to high.

Example Low Water Level

3624 winner
3623 Final Low Water Level

Example High Water Level

3649Final High Water Level


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Lake Powell water level today is 3594.19'.

Water has risen for the last 5 day. Lake level rise in 5day is .34' which is a 4" rise.

Not calling the Low Water Level contest yet but spring runoff might be starting.

Hoping the storm this week dumps a lot more snow in the mountains.


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Not calling the contest yet but the water level has risen over 10 inches with lake level at 3594.73' and run off has started with almost 24,000 cfs yesterday.

If the water continue to rise this week, we will be calling a winner on April 1. (Colorado is crossing his fingers)

As of know we have 44 wordling's still swimming in the lake and only 5 made it out.

With the water level not dropping, there will be more water for the final high level this year. (hoping water makes it to Hite ramp only 50.27 more feet)

Thank You

PS If you haven't entered your guess for the High Water Level time is running out!!!


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13 feet in the cut this year as the low, what a great water year!!!!!!! hoping for a 40' plus rise for the high water mark this year. hopefully it will be a fast fill right after spawn and get into the brush and cover so the fry have hiding places.


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The Papa Jacks Low Water Level Contest is officially complete.

The winner is Colorado with a guess of 3594.00 with the lowest lake level of 3593.85. His choice of a $50 gift card from Sportsmen's Warehouse, Cabela's or Bass Pro Shop.

I would like to thank all the Wordling's for playing. There were a lot of wordling's left in the water, so that means more water for the high level contest.

The Papa Jacks High Water Level will close today, please get your guess in before the end of the day to win a $50 gift card.

Thank You