Page rental house discounts?

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  1. Y'all might be aware that there are 60+ VRBO/ABB houses in Page. Up until mid-2016 you could rent a place on VRBO with no booking fee. Homeowners pay an annual cost to list on the site, but mid-cycle VRBO randomly added a fee to the guest, too.

    Would it be helpful to the wordlings if there were a list of Page VRBO houses with direct contact info so you could book without the fee? Maybe even with a WW discount?
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  2. Bill Sampson

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    Yes that would be helpful. Thanks for offering this.
  3. I never got a definitive answer as to whether providing a vacation rental list is a fit for this forum, but I can provide my wesbite:
    and am looking forward to hosting my first Wayne's Words poster this spring.
    If you connect with me, be sure to mention Wayne's Words and I'll give you a WW discount :)

    If you have a large group, we have another AirBnB house right across the street and a brand new one going in next door in March.
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    I don't see it as a problem, especially if it's here in the recreation or yardsale forums for now. Obviously, Wayne would have final say... to be totally fair, it would be wise to come up with a complete list, your house and others, and then drive those links to VRBO and AirBnB, etc..., as well. There are benefits (to both parties) for going through those channels... BUT, that said, just finding the houses can be a battle all it's own as the web becomes overwhelmed with travel sites, booking sites, real estate sites, etc....

    BTW - I Did visit your website, and have reached out to you in e-mail as well... possibly have a spring break trip to the south end in the works!

    Also, trying to get back engaged with all my WWs friends, as work is calming down , and I miss you all!

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    The Fees are small in comparison to the protection offered to both parties.

    The company is also proving a service of connecting 2 unrelated parties with shared interest and why is it not fair to be expected to pay for that convenience, considering both parties win, you enjoy a private home instead of a tiny hotel room and the home owner gets paid, what is the motivation for the matchmaker do this for free.

    This about wanting something for nothing especially if you used the service to identify potential homes.

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  6. I appreciate your thoughts, Bubba.
    From an owner perspective, the agreement was that the home owner paid to list on the site, some paid as much as $2000 annually per property. Expedia bought VRBO in December 2015, since that time there has been a cash grab with owner's still paying to list, but renters being charged a random amount between 5-12% on each booking. The charges and fees change frequently & with no notice, though there are no additional services being offered to merit the charge, many owners are quite frustrated as the OTA blocks contact info between guest and owner such that it may be difficult to make sure you are finding the best match for your needs. Essentially, it was not broken, things were great the way they were, but Expedia spent, literally, billions on the acquisition. They then changed the terms in the middle of the contract year.

    Expedia is attempting to emulate AirBnB in many ways, yet AirBnB does not charge a listing fee. Each OTA has their pros & cons and I have no trouble accepting bookings from people who feel most comfortable with a 3rd party in the middle, if that is better for them. Since many WW people are repeat visitors, they have the opportunity to forge relationships directly with homeowners and not fear getting scammed as could be a concern with a long distance rental set up.
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