Padre Bay, Oct. 25, 2018

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I went fishing by myself along the east wall of Padre Bay to target smallmouth. I began fishing at 11:30am and the water surface temp was 68*F. I stopped fishing at 4:30pm. After 5 hours of effort, I caught a total of 12 smallmouth, 1 green sunfish, and kept 4 smallmouth. The first 2 hours I never got a bite. I started out with a chartreuse grub then went to pumpkin color and finally started getting bites on smoke colored grubs with silver flakes. At 2:30pm, the fish turned on and the bite lasted for 2 hours then shut down at 4:30pm. The fish were shallow (3-15 feet deep) and tight against the shoreline.

FYI....Passage through the Castle Rock Cut was 10 feet deep.

Here is a picture of what was kept.

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