One-way travel?


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I’ve heard that there is at least one section on the south end that is ‘one-way’ travel and you need to wait in line and follow a pilot boat similar to a construction zone. Is this true and if so where is this section (sections)? I’m guessing possibly passing Wahweap or maybe just after Wahwweap heading to the main channel and/or passing Antelope Point Marina.

We are heading up there Thursday and I would appreciate any info.

Thank you


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If they are doing this anywhere on the lake, it is most likely being done at the Antelope Point Marina, and the biggest concern would be squeezing past the Fuel Docks.

There are too many yahoos on the lake who have no concept of "Wakeless", and probably even more who think "I'm in a hurry, so I'll slow down next time."

They've needed enforcement of the Wakeless Zone for years. I really hope that it IS being enforced.