Oil bath bearings


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First time having these on boat trailer. My biggest concern was getting water inside but after guessing 6 thousand miles I’m impressed knock on wood.
Been waiting for warmer weather but starting to wonder had to get get quarts light out for heat so it would flow better.Will say a lot cleaner job than grease.
Did get home one trip noticed oil on rim looked worse than it was turned out just needed a little tightening on sight cap didn’t need to add any oil
I do carry extra oil and and o E67D5E09-6D78-4A19-B808-46CFD20284C3.jpeg6B20ECAB-9A65-40B4-AE72-B7A64E6A2C83.jpegrings and sight glass now. Good to have done ready to go.Should of took more pictures but didn’t think until was about done
I’ve also heard that they are somewhat vulnerable to road debris cracking them, causing failure. I had them on my last fishing boat, and the individual that works on my trailers highly recommended I go away from them and to traditional grease, so that is what I did.
I had them for 10 years on my Ranger trailer. After 8 years one developed a leak in the seal, a few failed attempts to correct, it finally went out. It's nice you can immediately see if you have water in the oil (turns colors and becomes milky). When they worked, they always ran cool. Draining and refilling was easier, once I resigned to it taking a couple days.
I switched over to sealed vortex hubs and have been very happy with them.