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Note the date!


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United States Bureau of Reclamation
For release April 1, 2021
Subject: Reverse flow experiment.
The BuRec has determined that due to the prolonged drought in the Western United States, it will not be possible to maintain minimum power pool levels in Lake Powell and Lake Mead during 2021. An analysis of projected water in-flows during the 2021 run-off will leave both reservoirs at less than 40% of capacity and result in evaporative losses which exceed total inflow.
Based on these projections, Bureau engineers have determined the most expedient solution is to combine the reservoirs into a single body of water. Beginning April 1, 2021 the hydro electric turbines in Hoover Dam will be reversed and water from Lake Mead will be pumped back to Lake Powell. Reverse pumping operations are projected to take 18 months and the uphill flows are projected to average 12,000 cfs during that period. During the period of reverse flow in the Grand Canyon, existing boating permit holders will be given an extra 10 days on their permit to get from Lee's Ferry to Diamond Creek. In related news the NPS has announced that they are opening an additional lottery of boating permits from Pearce to Lee's Ferry. The NPS cautions that significant navigational hazards may exist during the period of reverse flow.


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April Fools... pretty good story though!

Almost better than the April Fools when my brother was in 4th grade and my mom made a sandwich for his school lunch with fake bologna. And he took a bite. Gotta hand it to her.
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