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Just got back from my fourth trip to the lake this year.. This last trip was with a group of young people who really enjoyed the trip and our stops at Hole In The Rock, Cathedral in the Desert, and Gregory Arch. This, despite being rained on for all three days we were there.

I know the lake is open to all but it was disappointing to pull into Cathedral to find a houseboat parked smack dab in the entrance with anchor straps out both sides. When we were planning this trip we had discussed activities to do there, We decided on making it a place of contemplation. It just has a special feel to it. Fortunately, the blaring music from the houseboat did not make it around the corner and we had the special experience we had hoped for. No hard feelings to the houseboat people but it just felt kind of tacky to set up camp right there. This was a private boat too, not a rental.

On all four trips we stopped at the floating bathrooms. None of them were working. Fortunately, we don't rely on these but they are nice to utilize. I guess I wonder why even put them out on the lake if they are not maintained in working order.

On the other hand, many thanks for the shuttle at Bullfrog. With the long distance to park truck and trailer the shuttle is a real life saver. Their operating hours are generous too which is greatly appreciate.

One last little whine......I got excited for a moment when driving past the marina at Hall's Crossing, noticing what turned out to be part of the Dangling Rope marina. It was sure convenient having pump out and gas at Hall's. But, oh well. very happy to be able to get on the lake, to enjoy its beauty. I love the changing lake levels because the things to see change. Lost Eden wouldn't be much at full pool but at this lake level it is really beautiful and interesting. If you haven't made the trip up to see Gregory Arch it is really a must see. Cathedral In the Desert is constantly changing in some ways but remains awe-inspiring and incredibly beautiful.

Happy boating to all of you!


So let me get this straight, the houseboat was beached at the beach landing where visitors would tie up to go walk up to Cathedral in the desert? Did you have to go under their anchor lines?


I heard about this , we were there a week after. There was a camp there in early June too. No house boats but tents and stuff on both sides of the creek. I was pretty bummed, I had a boat full of first timers.
But, they were super cool, they welcomed us and offered ropes on anchors for us to use. They even said we will keep it quiet while you are in there. I told them, no worries, its your lake too. We became Lake Powell buddies and saw them all over the lake the next few day. :)

On one hand they shouldn't camp there and on the other hand, what a cool spot to camp.

I think you took the right approach and attitude. Good job.
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Not everyone knows about CITD. "never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."-Hanlon's Razor. I've only been down to Escalante once and drove around a while near dark and couldn't find it. Did find a really cool cove with a double-amphitheater in which to anchor though.