North Report (GHB & SJ)

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After rescheduling our Bullfrog reservations several times due to excessive heat, Derec & Delwyn Bradshaw and myself from Mesa AZ headed north on Wed Sept 9 to concentrate on striper boil fishing.....whoops

An unwelcome 35 degrees and snow driving into Bullfrog on Wed! (I need to learn to be more specific on my ‘cooler weather’ request) Went fishing in 45 degrees and rain for 5 hours that first day, froze our butts off, but never saw any boils going up as far as buoy 121. Finally went bass fishing and the bass were quite willing although no bites deeper than 15’, most in 3’- 8’. (40+ fish)
Thur we spent all day up the SJ but again, no boils to be seen anywhere so we stopped at Cha after driving around looking for boils and caught a bunch of bass there before looking for boils all the way up into the Great Bend and finally turned around 2 miles in and started bass fishing. We fished our way out of there and then went graphing looking for stripers, found some fairly quickly and spooned up a few in 50’ of water before the catfish took over for awhile and caught a dozen of them mixed in with the stripers. When we lost the school we went back to shore fishing bass by Neshkai for 3 hours without any slow times. TW, 10’ crank, Ned Rig and a lizard fished on the bottom all produced well, with the guy fishing the lizard using his Mexico bass rig with 20 lb Hi-Vis line and having no problem catching plenty of fish and the 2 biggest bass of the trip. Crazy!!! (170+ fish with myself not fishing for 4 hours)
Friday morning we ran back up to the GHB area and drove around a lot hoping to have the boils show up but eventually just went back to bass fishing and then only saw one small 10 fish splash for 10 seconds just as we were finishing up at 12:30, and that was that. (100+ fish)
Surprisingly we caught over 70 LM bass on this trip with the GHB area having at least as many LM as SM, a great sign!! 90% of the fish were in 0-8’!

75 degree water was the warmest we found, on the last day
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