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North End April 29 - May 1 - Great Success


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Had a great now to be the first annual spring trip to the north end. Launched at BF and thanks to the posts here and others we have connected with, we felt we had some good tools to start with. The least we can do is return the favor with this report.

We caught all the stripers, walleye, smallmouth and bluegill we could stand and we're amazed at the fact that there wasn't lick of wind the entire time. We started targeting walleye and bass Thursday the 29th in the afternoon. Found a hot walleye streak by trolling bottom bouncers with worm harnesses near the anchored ferry. Just watch out for the anchor lines and cables. Turn around and head back toward the main channel when you get to the west end of the ferry and you'll be safe. Found a few good size smallmouth in there as well. Returned all of them but kept a few walleye.

Had even better luck with the same method in the next little cove/canyon south of the ferry and closer to Halls Crossing marina.

Friday, we spanked the stripers like they were naughty in the mouth of Moki with anchovies! They were in crystal clear water right against the north wall and hanging at about 26 feet of water. After we grew tired of that and taking what we thought we could eat, we made our way back toward BF and hit the coves along the west side of the channel looking for bass. No largemouth but plenty of smallmouth and bluegill the size of wagon wheels. We sent all of them back but had a blast interrupting their day with Mud Minnow Ned Rigs or a weightless Texas Rig with a Yamamoto Senko in green pumpkin with red flake. We never ventured farther than Moki and spent the days fishing rather than boating. Both have their perks but in our case in a relatively small boat and not a lot of fuel, it was nice to stay close.


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