Night trolling

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If I were to hit the water at say 10 pm and made a slow trek up lake what lure and chances at a big one bucket list🤔 leaving Wednesday night 😎
We fished way after dark last month. The lakemaster chip allowed us to travel with semi confidence. Nothing foolish, just getting back to camp dodging the low water and reefs
I’ve caught A few walleye fishing from shore at night, and we’ve tried fishing under the green light, but that has never brought us a single fish. So. The question that this thread brings to my mind is, Do you catch any thing when fishing at night. Never tried trolling after dark.
I’d think a feller could use the lakemaster to plot out safe trolling patterns during the day, and then just follow the lines after dark. What say ye?
I've caught bass at night working the banks with a black night. Trolling for big stripers would be interesting. If you troll over water where you know schools have been holding and shallow water won't be an issue, it's worth a shot.
Lucky Craft Pointer XD Chartreuse shad or ghost

Deep Thunderstick white

Norman deep runner

Those lucky craft are sure expensive but the one thing I've found that makes them worth it: They swim true.

I've purchased a number of the less expensive brands, and far too often you get a whacky-cranker (yes I made that up LOL) that swims off to one side and porpoises out of the water every so often.
I have had luck with the green light. One night the shad where thick around the light and fish were caught. As soon as that near full moon came up an hour or two after dark everything was gone, no shad, no fish. I find catching bottle bass during full moon is easier.
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