Next Generation of WW Flags - Hayley Langord

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Received this neat package today, wow, it is the flag, Hayley sent the flag already, fantastic. Check this beauty out.
Thank you so much Hayley for the beautiful flag and for making it for us so quickly, will be taking along fishing this weekend.

I got mine and flew it on the houseboat. Flag looked so good I ordered a second one for my fishing/carp hunting boat.
Thanks Hayley!
Hayley Langord has volunteered to make new Wayneswords Flags. You may already have a flag but there are many that were not able to get a flag when Inga was no longer able to continue making flags. I will have Hayley post a picture of the flag here. She will personalize the flags with your name or moniker; Or she will make a standard flags.
Cost will be approximately 30 for the standard flag and $35 for personalized.
Thanks to Haley for volunteering for this big project. Let her post the new information here. When that is done you can ask questions about the flags. WG
Would love to get a new one. Personalized would be awesome!