Newly Arrived Shad


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While visiting the San Juan this past week I hiked Wilson Creek. I found hundreds of shad at the end of the water. This phenomenon was repeated at four other canyons. (At least I think they were shad). Also, as I was filleting stripers on my SeaDoo, a boil came up right next to me. It was absolutely amazing how agrressive the stripers are and how fast the shad were swimming for their little lives.



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Reed, in Wilson Creek a few years ago about 100 ft below where your photo was taken which at the time was the end of the lake in the canyon, we saw a very similar thing. The bass had hundreds of small fish cornered at the end of the canyon. The bigger predator fish were just hanging around the outside of the trapped school keeping the small fish cornered, and every few seconds one of the predators would dart into the school of small fish and then back out, then another one would do so. The predators were either SMB or LMB, not stripers. We floated over this action in our dinghy watching for 30 minutes. It was amazing to watch. It sounds like you had a great trip!