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Great video. Thanks for making my day.

Couple of questions, where did you camp and did you put in at your camp site, or where? Wondering where you were, what canyons you fished, or were you along main channel? I was down two weeks earlier and it was not nearly that good of fishing. I fished close to Bullfrog because we stayed in the Bullfrog campground. Would liked to have fished the North end but just too far to travel.

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Thanks! We camped near Scorrup Canyon in the very north end of Good Hope Bay. We had put in at Bullfrog the night before the video starts and found the campsite. We fished the main points and cuts of Good Hope Bay that aren't really canyons. Those are our favorite spots, main channel points, we need work on our canyon fishing. We like Ticaboo, Popcorn, Red, and all the canyons north of Good Hope though. That Saturday of the video the fishing was really tough. I think the full and epic moon had a huge affect despite the great water temps and weather. In hindsight we should've gone and trolled Striper City (confluence of white/farley to trachyte for us), I believe we would've been more successful fish number wise. I wish we had (and we slowly are building) more confidence in and around Bullfrog, but Good Hope is our confidence area, my Dad has been fishing the northern part of the lake since the late-70's, so that is the area we will almost always be trying to fish. We did go to the Escalante this spring and is was awesome, fish are everywhere in this lake.

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Great video. It's pure torture watching it, with my boats sitting under the cover, winterized! Thanks for posting, it is awesome seeing the little tike be so into it, my boy is 6 now, landing his own. :cool: