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Let me know which warm water species you prefer to catch and we will walk you through it.
Largemouth and smallmouth bass, striped bass, walleye, crappie, sunfish?

Click on the main site and then read the fishing tip articles listed in the left index. That will give you a start and then you can ask for more info.

Here is the striper link which is my specialty:
You will enjoy Lake Powell. Don't be discouraged if fishing is a bit tough in the beginning. Powell is different than any other lake I've ever fished, and it took me some time to start catching fish in big numbers. Powell can be tough on new anglers, but those who know how to fish here catch incredible numbers of both stripers and smallmouths. The guys who really know how to fish for walleyes catch a bunch of them, too. Take a look at the Anglers Corner reports, both recent and archived. There are stories there concerning catching all species and various times of the year in all different locations. Visit the Fishing Tips section of this website as well. Finally, if you have specific questions post them under the Fishing category and you will get answers, often a bunch of answers.

Welcome to the lake and this website, and please let us know if we can help. :)

Ed Gerdemann
Welcome! This is the place to be if you want to learn. Sooo many experienced, helpful people!
I'm a life long trout fisherman also but when you can catch 40 stripers in and hour or 2 it makes you wonder. Don't know if you have a boat but if you do go to the dam and fish on the chain barrier with half a chovie on a 1/8 oz lead head jig. Cast it out as far as you can on 8 LB line and just let it sink on its own. Cut 4 or 5 chovies in 3s and toss out around the boat. If they are there they will take the bait on the fall. If it gets to be straight down, wind in and recast. I've caught hundreds with this method. I've actually found that the east side of the chains does better for me right near the wall. If I find nothing biting in half an hour they just aren't there. Read the reports here to find where to go next.
There have also been lots of stripers caught at the walk in area on the east side of the dam if you have to fish from shore. Even the fishing dock at Wahweap Marina produces at times.
BTW, you know the river below the dam is loaded with rainbow trout, right?
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