New to Bullfrog end - looking for suggestions


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Im headed to the Bullfrog Marina next week for 4 days on the lake. Any suggestions for where to head would be great. Its my 7 year olds first trip to a big lake and i want to try to show him a good time.

We have a houseboat and want to head out and camp on the lake but i dont know if i shoild go up lake or down lake from the Bullfrog arm to find good camping. Please advise!


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Since you’ve never been to Lake Powell, you’re going to have a great time no matter which direction you go. The easiest camping to the north would be at Good Hope Bay, maybe 25 miles up the lake. To the south, perhaps near the Rincon, about 25 miles in that direction. But be aware that with the spring runoff, the water won’t be quite as clear if you head north of Good Hope Bay.

Will you have a ski boat or kayaks? They will be useful for exploring. To the north, some nice canyons to explore include Smith Fork, Sevenmile, and Forgotten Canyon, which includes Defiance House Ruin, which is a fun visit for a kid. Or an adult.

To the south, Iceberg and Annie’s Canyon are pretty, but if you can get to the canyons of the Escalante, those are best of all. A hike up Hole in the Rock is also a fun adventure...but better in the mid-afternoon, when it’s in the shade...

But no wrong answer. You’ll love it in any direction.

David Fordham

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I agree with JFR about the water clarity heading north although this is not a heavy runoff year so it wont be as bad as could be. Heading south is great and Iceberg is always a good canyon to stay in. If you can find something on the west side of the canyon that will help keep down afternoon heat as the high walls start casting shade pretty early depending on your camp site.

You will have sooo much to explore. Get going early, find a spot for the 4 days and enjoy!!