New guy question! (Farleys)


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I just recently started following this site. I am hoping to come down to Powell this coming Sunday and Monday and was wondering if you can launch at Farley's? I have a 17 foot aluminum boat. Thanks for the info!
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John P Funk

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Only the bravest of the brave launch at Farley due to a large rock that imposes itself in the road near the "launch". The rock has a tendency to make the driver hold too far to the right and there is a washed out dropoff on the right side. If your boat/boat trailer is narrower than a pickup it's generally not a problem, but there have been some hair raising moments when trailer tires have slid down the hill. We launch our trailered 18' Starcraft in Farley at water levels higher than 3610. It's also generally best to walk the last 1/4 mile(where the road narrows and turnaround is nearly impossible) to see if someone is camped in the turnaround area at the "launch" it's a favorite camp spot as it's closest to the water(since it's the turnaround for the launch). By the way, don't be that guy, ever.


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At my craziest I've launched a 14' aluminum in Farley at 3605'. I was younger and once was enough. If you can successfully negotiate "THE ROCK", and you can make the turn at the water, you still have to retrieve the boat. In my case it required 4WD, high clearance Toyota pickup, and full-on front winch assist (Thank goodness there was a VERY big boulder there to tie the winch off to.



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I launched there years ago at 3595'. It required a few of us dragging the trailer with a 14' flat bottom down the wash 150 yards or so. Not fun but it was worth it for sure.


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Used to be years ago boats would launch down in Baja off the shore with long extensions made for the trailer tongue. Some of them seemed like 15 or 20 feet long to get the boat in the water on a shallow beach.