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Live here in Page. I'm a river guy after trout (carp in a clown suit as friend calls them). Don't do any lake fishing to speak of. Have caught a few strippers and cats over they years but have no experience with smallies.

The problem is I have a cousin coming this weekend who wants to fish for a day. I'm thinking trolling and spoons around Lone Rock area for strippers ( I have a boat). Want to stay somewhat close to State Line but might be talked into as far as Kane Wash (I know the lake pretty good) if some think I should. I have a variety of bass stuff that I have never used, tails, lead heads, some hard baits. I would think sitting and waiting for cats would be boring and not too productive daytime, this time of year. Just want to get him hooked up on a few fish.

He'll be here 7 days after the full moon so that should be no problem.

Any ideas appreciated
PM me if you want and it'll remain between us.
On Oct 4 I caught 10 stripers in 45 minutes using a piece of anchovie on a lead headed jig dropped 30 feet down directly under the boat on the west side of the dam - others in the area were catching fish too. No way to anchor so we were drifting at the mercy of the wind
Warm Creek Wall always has stripers.
I will be in the Kane Wash area Friday - Monday. If you head to that area I would be glad to share current conditions with you.
I hadn't thought of the dam area. Fished it years ago but didn't do too good. I think I might try it.
If I get to Kane Wash I have a white and red dual console 17' boat with a black Merc 4 stroke.
I did tie up to the boat rental dock at state line a few years ago after dark and did pretty good - 20 in an hour- but it was July and not October. We were soaking anchovies. But again that was a few years ago.
I guess I need to get out more as all my fishing is in the river here or Sierra Nevada mountains in Calif.
Forgot to ask
Warm creek isn't too far- but I've never fished it for strippers.
Boils? Graph schools down low? Troll?
East side? West side?
I have no idea how to fish them there.
The Warm Creek Wall is right at the mouth of Warm Creek where it meets the main channel on the upstream side of the mouth on the main channel side. Clear as mud?

It's also a spot that you cannot anchor and have to drift fish with the wind over the spot.

Again, use a piece of anchovie on a lead headed jig.

It's a cliff that is shorter on the downstream side and raises out of the water to 75 feet or so.

Start where the cliff goes under water and fish all along that wall for maybe a hundred yards back from that point.

We did really well there in June several days in a row but I have not been back to that spot since then
You can catch stripers at Warm Creek Wall, the dam, and near Lone Rock. Use bait at the wall and dam. Troll deep at Lone Rock in areas where fish traces are seen on the graph.

You can also catch bass on dark colored single tail grubs on small rock piles along the slick rock walls. Fishing for both species was good yesterday and should be the same until the weather changes.
Warm creek wall is bait fishing, but as Wayne stated above you can catch small mouth all over the drop offs in that location. I would fish about thirty feet in that location for stripers. The school there was on the smaller side earlier in the month.
Padre Bay fishing was boil fishing.
Is anyone able to post a map that shows where the warm creek wall is? I am very familiar with the area but am confused by the description above. I'm headed down tonight with a friend from China and would like to get him on some stripers.
See the Castle Rock Cut on the far left side? The water going off the bottom of the picture takes you to Antelope Point Marina. The water going off the right side is up the main channel. The water at the top of the picture is Warm Creek Bay.


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That is such a cool thing to do. Thanks! for the picture to help others. Nice job.
I'm going out probably Friday morning to pre-fish the spots mentioned here.
Looks like the the wind and temps will be better than tomorrow.
I'll post when I get back Thanks again.
If you're out there I'm in the white and red dual console boat with a black Merc on the back.
I'll have cold Pepsi on board if you want one.
OK went out today though not at the COD as Wayne did (crack of dawn). Found out he went to Lone Rock area and found the school. SO, I went there and trolled all over and didn't find the school ! :-)
Did find lots of fish holding close to the east side of the rock at the bottom but no amount of coaxing would bring them to the bite.
OK, next plan, Warm Creek Wall. I found lots of fish (or what looked as fish at 300' in front of the wall. Closer in, in shallower water no fish showed. No bites either on bait.
OK, plan 3, go to the dam. Went there and found fish showing up close to the west wall on the bottom. Tried to entice them to no avail. Another boat that had been there for a while had 1 small fish for their effort.
I guess I need more fishing lessons for warm water fishing. Maybe I'll go to the Sierras and fish for trout
At least I know how to do that :-) :-)
I went to Lone Rock yesterday and couldn't find them. Pretty sure I saw Wayne's boat right by the rock and trolled that area after they left. Nothing on the meter or the rods. A couple weeks ago they were very easy to find. Oh well that's fishing. I also tried Warm Creek for a while and struck out there too.
Fishing at Lone rock yesterday was tough. Trolling did not work. The school that had been at the mouth of Lone Rock Canyon had moved on. We fished for an hour without a bite which is very unusual. We trolled over to the bay between Lone Rock and Lone Rock Canyon. Finally found a school on the bottom at 57 feet. Dropped spoons on the school and after trying for 5-10 minutes got one fish to hit. As that fish was fighting we got another one. There was intense activity for about 15-20 minutes as the school came off the bottom and followed our lures as the boat drifted. After putting 15 fish in the cooler the school left us and we did not get another hit so we went in.

The best technique is probably bait fishing. My best technique is spooning. Study the graph and target large balls of fish near the bottom. Some targets are shad that appear as a horizontal line but stripers (fish stack with spaces between) are often near shad. When a striper is hooked work very quickly to get the spoon back in the water. I sometimes use a second rod after dropping the fish on the deck and before unhooking it so I get another fish hooked before the school leaves. Don’t waste time in between fish. All other responsibilities can be done after the school departs. There is plenty of time then to put fish in the cooler and clean up.

Here is a suspended striper school looking for spoons.

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Hope we keep this thread going until my cousin gets here and someone finds a gold mine of fish so I can take him out.
I'm going to keep trying until I find fish- stripers or SM
Granted, I guess I'm at the end of the season but there is next year also
Unless ya'll fish during the winter?
Is there any fishing in the winter?
It would probably bee too cold for me but just curious.
Warm Creek Wall produced stripers yesterday with bait fished as deep as 80 feet. Then a school of small stripers moved in and took bait at 12-20 feet. Checked a group at the fish cleaning station that had 30+ fish caught at this spot.
Quite possibly I was there too late (after 12 noon) and the boat traffic and water roaches were every where. Waves were 3+ feet at times against the wall. Almost swamped my boat one time. Next time I may do a COD much to my disliking.
Being retired I gave up watches and early mornings :-) :-)
My cousin is an early riser so I guess I'll have to break down and do it then too.
Quite possibly I was there too late (after 12 noon) and the boat traffic and water roaches were every where. Waves were 3+ feet at times against the wall. Almost swamped my boat one time. Next time I may do a COD much to my disliking.

Pete used to call those "Lake Lice". :mad::p
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