mussel inpections questions

I currently live in San Diego, Ca and would like to take my pontoon to Lake Powell. I have only fished in the salt water and have not been in the water more than 10 hours at a time. I do spray my boat off as soon as I get home. Will I have any problems with the mussel inspections not only at the Lake Powell boat ramps but crossing into Utah or Arizona as well. Thanks for any help you can provide.


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If you travel I-15 to St George, all boats are required to stop at the port of entry for inspection.

Last time I passed through there was a few years ago with a pair of PWCs. They asked a few questions, did a walk around and good to go. That may have changed recently, hopefully others can chime in.

Coming up through Flagstaff you’ll have no issues at the Arizona border or on the ramp launching at the South end of the lake.

However, at the end of your trip on Powell, you WILL have to complete a Utah DNR inspection for Clean, Drain, Dry after trailering on the ramp.

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Salt water kills the mussels as they are the freshwater species, so no problem coming to Lake Powell. You will most likely be required to stay out of any other freshwater for a period of time or be decontaminated after leaving Lake Powell.