Mussel Aware Boater Program Certification

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We were looking into the Bullfrog Open recently and it stated that all involved had to have the Mussel-Aware Boater Program certification. We looked into it and it said ALL Lake Powell boaters were required to have it. In all the many times we have been to Lake Powell (We go in at the Halls Crossing input) we have NEVER been told about it by the Division of Wildlife folks, nor have we seen any signs about it that the website said there would be, nor have there been any kiosks where one could take the test for a daily permit, as posted on the website, so what's up?? We did go onto the site and take the test, and get "certified", but does anyone know anything about this? Perhaps Wayne, who knows all, could speak about this?? Maybe we've just missed this somehow...
This has been a bit of a moving target for the last year or so. Now that the infestation has been confirmed there are no active launching restrictions enforced in person at Lake Powell. Instead, they have moved the focus (and personnel) to containment. So, inspections are required when you plan to leave the lake.

You can ask your questions directly to actual State of Utah DWR representatives on this thread -

Good luck!
Thanks for your quick response. Since we are "officially certified" I suppose we won't worry too much about it. Just wondered if anyone else was aware of this. It's not a bad thing to go through. Gives you good information . Thanks again!
Sounds like their details are off a bit but I'm glad the fishing tournament is pushing the overall awareness of the infestation/containment of mussels.
I wonder if a wake board tournament would do the same?...o_O
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