mudline report

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Was there yesterday (Sunday) Mudline was about half way into good hope bay. Still a slight green tinge but mostly brown. Keep in mind that the winds Saturday afternoon and night were huge so that may have made the water even dirtier. Hope that helps.
Sounds like the southern part of the bay, and Red Canyon are still fishable? Heading down Wednesday-Sunday, hoping to get a trip in before the water clarity gets too bad.

Thanks for the report.
Red Canyon/Blue Notch area was very fishable on Thursday when we were there. By Sunday, the mudline had moved farther south, past the Red Canyon area. Like I said in the earlier post, the impressive Saturday wind event was blowing out of the North and probably pushed the mud farther south. If I was a betting man, I would venture to say you have at least a 50/50 chance of good, stained water in red canyon Wednesday.
Bass fishermen found that stained water in GHB this weekend was cooler due to runoff than lake water downstream. Bass fishing results were better downstream than in GHB.
Great info thanks. It sounds like we should find some good water somewhere in GHB! I was afraid it would be muddy all the way to the floating bathroom. Looks like some warming temperatures (and a bit of wind on Thursday).....
I camped in ticaboo, thursday through sunday, red canyon was awesome for trolling stipers, picked up a few walleye as well, my trolling motor blew a control board early in the trip so drifting for smallies was a challenge as the wind picked up, i would guess that this week will be the last good week in good hope.
Exellent news! Heading out tomorrow, will be camped in Red Canyon with my wife and 3 dogs, tan and green Crestliner if anyone is up there.......
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