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Montrose to Halls crossing

Considering going from Montrose,CO thru Blanding to Halls to launch. Never been that way, have always used I-70 to Bullfrog. Any comments on the road conditions would help. The time and distance are pretty much the same according to Maps. Pulling a 27' cruiser

John P Funk

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Roads are not terrible, other than the Clay Hills Crossing area(about a mile). There is a very long hill at Comb Wash and a number of twisty hills between Blanding and the turnoff to Halls Crossing. Pay attention to the "hill ahead" signs and you'll be fine.
Thank you all for the info. Other than Dallas Divide it doesn't seem much worse than the Bullfrog route that I have been doing for over 40 years


That's the way I went last summer, both times I traveled to Lake Powell, to and from Wisconsin. I found the Halls Crossing ramp easier to launch from, and fewer folks. I assume that has changed this year with the water levels and ramp conditions at Bullfrog. Again, speaking from late last summer/early fall, Moab had quite a bit of road construction going on. After you turn off at Blanding, the road is pretty winding and slow for a ways, but eventually flattens and straightens out. As you get closer to Halls, there are some dips in the road. The speed limit drops to 35 or so, what seems a little slow for the distance still left to Halls. But adhere to the speed limit unless you can see the heaves in the road. They will definitely get your attention.


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I believe US50 is closed between MM 123 and 127. There are some single lane construction areas from Montrose into Grand Junction. I was just up there yesterday.