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Wanting to know if there is a way to install My MinnKota 24v. trolling motor to a 2001 CrownLine bowrider sold my old boat and new owner did not want it so I want to adapt it to this boat paid too much money to just let it set in my shop. also have helix 9 with it as well and on board charger to install with it.
The front bow area of my Bayliner is slanted downward toward the front. What I did was make a clay form the size to accept the base of the Minn Kota quick release mount. The form top is leveled to the waterline of the boat. I filled the form with body filler (Bondo) with fiberglass mat cut up really small mixed with the Bondo, for strength, before adding the hardener. Fill the mold, let it setup then level with a file or belt sander. It’s been 7 years or so without any issues. The top of the Bondo must be completely flat not to warp the quick release base. I can send pictures in about 10 days when I get back to the lake. Sq
I had a Crownline 216LS before my Malibu. I’d say that you probably have enough room under one of the bow cushions for 2 batteries. I’m sure you could engineer something up there to use the motor if that is what you want.

I would be concerned that unless your boat is under 20’, or is an SS model, a 60” shaft is going to be too short once the wind comes up. And getting in/out of the bow will be much more difficult with the motor up there. And in my opinion, a motor will ruin the lines of that boat.
With the Minn Kota quick release bracket this is what is left mounted on the boat with the Trolling Motor removed. Sq[ ATTACH=full]5252[/ATTACH]


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