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Discussion in 'Lake Powell Fishing' started by mtnpull, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. mtnpull

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    Hey Wayne, I tried finding some current information on mercury advisories and couldn't find anything newer than 2012 and it only applied to the southern lake. I know there was some info in the old forums but wasn't sure if we could access it? Anyways, where is some of the current information available?
  2. Dorado

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    Pretty safe bet that nothing has changed since 2012. If you are concerned, limit the amount of large striper and walleye consumption for your kids (which along with pregnant women) are really the only population affected by the concentrations of mercury found in fish. Basically, the older a fish is and the more fish they have consumed over their lifetime, the more mercury will accumulate in their tissues. The advisories are very conservative and err on the side of the most vulnerable populaiton, unless your family is consuming large, old fish multiple times per week, they are probably fine.....
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    Thanks Dorado. I am trying to obtain information for a friend that I gave a bunch of striper to. They are pretty concerned. I essentially told them the same thing, but they asked if I could find any reports. Thanks for taking the time to post the info.
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    The 2012 mercury advisory info you found is still the latest active advisory. There has been data collected each year but the info remains the same. As Dorado stated mercury in Lake Powell fish really only concerns pregnant mothers and small children. And this small target group can still eat Lake Powell fish. They should just restrict intake to a few meals per month. They should not eat fish everyday.

    Most fish have some mercury. The level is the important factor. The report I want to post here is too large for this spot so I will post it in announcements.
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    Thanks Wayne!