Memorial Day Weekend


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We were blown off the lower lake this afternoon by gusty winds, but have had a productive couple of days fishing. Everyone has had a great experience catching a variety of species (but no stripers) on just about anything we throw at them. Thanks to everyone for their recent reports - we came prepared with plenty of recommended soft baits. By far, the most popular bait was a Ned rig - California craw color, but 3 inch grubs in the darker spectrum were successful as well. We had the most luck midday in shady areas in 20-40 feet of water around the typical rock fall areas. The boys head home Monday, but the wife and I plan on a few more days and hope to start seeing some surface activity later this week. 60C1414B-1640-4E15-82C9-64C75AD2555A.jpegF6CFB0C3-5476-4C89-8A79-1C1A1E8AD1D5.jpegE44CB299-EBC7-48D6-8DA7-22CC300AA8A1.jpeg016A107A-97A0-4107-8583-288B7BC6D8F1.jpegFA5CADB2-7472-4B30-B198-EE611FDF76F0.jpeg60C1414B-1640-4E15-82C9-64C75AD2555A.jpeg