May 22, 2019 - Warming will make fishing better.

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Lake Powell Fish Report – May 22, 2019
Lake Elevation: 3580
Water temperature: 60-65F
By: Wayne Gustaveson or

The last report was all about spawning potential of Lake Powell fish in warming water. Then the temperature dropped, the rain fell and the wind blew. Spawning will eventually happen but it was delayed for at least a week or more by the weather change.

As the water cools there will be fewer bass guarding nests but more bass and other fish in deeper water. The lake is now rising at a rate of 3-6 inches per day. Lures that have been effective this spring will continue to work. Just slow down the presentation and work the lure into deeper water to find fish. Ned rigs, single and double tailed grubs, and shad shaped worms will still be the most effective lures, but crankbaits cast and trolled in deeper water will be a good way to find bass that are on the move in these changing lake level conditions. Watch for weeds and rocks that were recently submerged that may provide a new brush or rock shelter for bass and other fish.

Striped bass schools have not moved, and remain along the steep canyon walls. Those anglers that are chumming and using bait along the walls will still find many fish willing to hit bait. The hot spots include: Dam (West wall), Buoy 3, Navajo Canyon (points after the double islands and further back in the main canyon), Labyrinth Wall, Buoy 25 (coves and wall), and Grotto Canyon.

Fly fishing for stripers along the east canyon walls in the early morning continues as the spawning congregations gather waiting for the temperature surge that will cause nightly spawning.

Bait fishing for stripers is picking up dramatically in the Bullfrog area. Most of the canyons above and below Bullfrog Bay will have a school of stripers holding right at the intersection of the canyon and the main channel. Chum with anchovies to get the school started and then enjoy the action for the next hour or more.

Walleye are hungry and willing to eat slow trolled lures, plastic Ned rigs fished very slowly on the bottom, and bait following a bottom bouncer. The muddy runoff has made the northern lake very brown but reports coming in say that when fishing for walleye in areas with 1-2 feet of visibility the catch rate can be quite good.

Fishing success will heat up with the warming water temperatures forecast for next week. Stripers will go into spawning mode after Memorial Day. Largemouth and smallmouth bass will spawn one more time with warming water. Bluegill and green sunfish will start nest building the first week of June.

There are some really good fishing events forecast for the coming weeks.

"Sam Sherwood and friends had a great fishing trip midlake."
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