May 1st, Navajo Canyon

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I took Ken’s advice and fished in the back of Navajo Canyon today.

I got there a bit late after waiting for the morning rain to let up, which it did making way for blue sky’s and sun!

I only had 2.5 hours of fishing time and caught 6 SMB (all released) and 3 big Striped Bass.

SMB were caught on Yamamoto Hula Grubs cast at a stand-still in the shallows, and the Stripers were caught trolling a Bomber Deep Fat Free Shad.

The fish finder was going NUTS with fish back in that canyon so I expect if you could figure out what they’re biting you could probably haul 50-100 of them in during a full day.

I got a weather alert on the VHF at 11:30, heeded it’s warning, and hightailed it back to Antelope Point, and not a minute too soon.

At about 1:00 the wind abruptly picked up and gusted hard enough to blow my cot out the back of the truck (40+ mph I’m guessing) with sustained winds around 20-25mph.

Overall, a great day!

Thanks for the warning about the rocks Ken!B64C2E0C-55FC-4D88-85F3-CA884F7B9FC1.jpeg3DA1A806-972D-4DED-95D5-7ED7F890935A.jpegA0B91229-4803-42DF-8FD9-02B8FAB4C53A.jpegE171C8E9-22CC-4EE4-8E8E-3B0AB0DFC6B5.jpeg
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Today I took out the two largest Striper to clean and prepare them for dinner.

One was 22 inches and 3.4 pounds, the other was 24 inches and 4.3 pounds. I caught and released 6 SMB, that I'm guessing were about 1.5 to 2 pounds each (all of which I released immediately per everyone's instructions!).

For anyone who wants a close fishing location, I'd follow Ken's advice and run to the back of Antelope Canyon just where it starts to become milky (pretty much as far as you can go just as it hits <20').

Watch the charts to inform you where submerged rocks are. They are NOT visible to the naked eye, but they ARE marked on the Navionic's charts.

I caught six SMB and four stripers (very large Stripers so I only kept 2 because my cooler was filled!!!!!) in 2.5 hours of fishing.

If I had gotten there at 6:30am and fished until 11:30 I suspect that number would be 5 x that many caught, or more (because the fish-finder was pinging huge numbers of fish the entire time I was trolling around back there but I didn't arrive until 8:30 or so... and the sun was out in full glow)

I'll post some shots I got of other fishermen, some of whom I know read WW.
Caught all the striper trolling one of these huge things. It's big, like 3" long. I figured big lure, big fish... and I was right. Two of the Striper were the largest fish I've ever caught!
I am sorry, boats and motor homes are for built for two people. I could not take seven in any of my toys for more than an hour.
We fish 5 from our 17' StarCraft, 2 of which are kids age 5 and 8(they usually troll behind the boat while the rest of us cast). 7 in a larger boat wouldn't be a problem as it appears they are bait fishing. It would get a little spooky if everyone was casting, but to each his own.
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