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May 13, 2020 - Lake Reopens

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wayne gustaveson

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May 13, 2020
Lake Elevation 3601
Water Temperature 66-75 F

Lake Powell reopens on May 15th and will remain open indefinitely to fishing, boating, hiking, and camping. The quick opening on May 8-10 gave many a great desire to get back to the lake. Fishing was exceptional for smallmouth bass. Reports coming in from all over the lake were the same. Bass were fat, healthy and hungry. Bass were very cooperative lakewide especially during morning and evening hours. They responded immediately to crayfish colored plastic baits. Crayfish in Lake Powell have a greenish tinge so green-colored plastic baits are a great choice. There are many baits to pick from including: Yamamoto grubs, Ned rigs, Z-Man TDR, Chompers single tail grub and many other options. Rocky shorelines are hotspots with smallmouth bass prowling the shoreline looking for crayfish. Water is still crystal-clear in the majority of the lake which makes bass easy to see. Bass nests are still visible and occupied by male guardians. Drop the plastic grub near the hungry bass, watch it react, set the hook as the bass picks up the bait and starts to run with it. Catch a bass then repeat the process until your arm gets tired.

Sunfish and bluegill are becoming more active. Anglers were starting to catch a few last weekend. Look in rocky coves for a school of sunfish. Drop small ice jigs with a tiny piece on worm attached or just fish bait under a bobber to catch a bunch of bluegill in a hurry. Some bluegill will weigh a pound while most will be half that size but they taste great. These are a lot of fun for kids to catch.

Walleye are a bit fussy with only a few caught randomly last week. Hopefully, that will change for the better as more anglers head out this week.

Stripers continue to hide out while waiting to spawn. They are active at night and quiet during the day. There have been a few outliers recently. Shad have begun to spawn in the backs of canyons in murky water. They spawn on the surface around floating driftwood or shoreline plants covered by rising lake water. Stripers cannot pass up a shad meal so they will drive the shad against shore and feed in shallow water. It is wise to use a surface lure in the backs of canyons just to test to see if stripers or bass are feeding in the shallows.

A big change this year is that catfish are abundant and very hungry. You can see them swimming along the bottom. If you see visible fish with the naked eye under the boat, it is possible that some will be darker colored (catfish) while others are a greenish hue (smallmouth bass). Catfish really like bait such as night crawlers or leftovers from your evening meal.

Enjoy the lake as it reopens, just be aware that the wind forecast is strong almost every afternoon for the next week. It will be great to see the lake open once more.
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