May 13-15, 2018 - Last Chance

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Here are 2 fishing reports from Last Chance.

May 15, 2018:

Went fishing by myself from 11:30am to 6pm. Caught 10 fish and kept a total of 4 fish which consisted of 2 walleye, 1 smallmouth, and 1 crappie. Threw back a total of 6 fish which consisted of 2 catfish, 1 bluegill, 1 small crappie, and 2 smallmouth too small to filet. I also threw back my fishing pole when it jammed while casting which caused it to twist out of my hand and accidentally go overboard. :LOL: Now there is a trophy fishing pole to catch in Last Chance :love:. I was using an 1/8 ounce jig head with a 3 inch grub. Hopefully, I can recover my fishing pole this winter when the lake level drops. There has been an algae bloom in the back of Last Chance the past 2 days that has decreased water clarity from about 15 feet to 6 feet where I normally fish. Here is a picture of the fish kept.


May 13, 2018:

Had some friends stop by to visit me from Tucson, AZ that were passing through on their way to Oregon. Ralph had not taken a vacation in 15 years and never been to Lake Powell before. I told him the fish were on fire and he needed to take a vacation really bad. He was also tired and grumpy. His wife and I talked him into going fishing for the first time in several years. He is now a new man!

We (Ralph and I) left Wahweap in the morning and began fishing in Last Chance about 7:30am. We only fished for 3 hours since Ralph was too tired to be functional. We caught a total of 12 fish and kept 7 fish which consisted of 1 smallmouth, 1 catfish, and 5 crappie. Threw back 2 smallmouth, 2 crappie, and 1 bluegill. Here are pics of our catch.




We met "Stickbow Shooter" at the fish cleaning station who also had a good day fishing. Never know who you might run into on the lake from the WaynesWords website.

Six of the 7 fish were eaten for dinner the same day. They were deep fried in a beer batter with deep fried zuchinni. The catfish was filleted and put in a vacuum sealed bag for them to take to Oregon to share with their daughter. That night Ralph slept for 9 hours straight and woke up relaxed and ready to go. He said it was the best day of fishing he ever had.

Good luck and good fishing everyone!
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