Main channel slurppin - North Report 6/26- 6/28


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After a 7 hour drive and nearly hitting a calf laying in the road 30 miles from Halls we safely rolled into the parking lot at 3am. Things could have gone a lot different, be aware of free ranging cows in that last 50 miles to Halls.

After a quick nap we were back on the water at daylight and headed down lake. Found slurps in the main channel as the sun came up and had the first fish on the boat at 6:30. Our goal was to actively search for slurps in the morning or until it got choppy. It worked well and we were able to chase 5 different slurps in the Rincon area. We found them near mouths of canyons or bays off the main channel. Trolled up a few more before the heat made us retreat to a shaded cove, anchored and crashed out for a hour.

Friday evening wasn’t as productive, I was able to pick up a few stripers feeding near the shore before the wind picked up and blew us into our camp for the night.

Same plan as the day better, cruise for slurps. We weren’t seeing anything until way off in the distance I thought I could see splashing. A quick look through the binos confirmed a boil in the making. We made it over in time to witness our first lake Powell boil. Fish were smacking shad up against the wall, over the next frantic 5 minutes we pulled in a dozen fish varying in size. After wrangling flopping fish we on our way to another slurp, caught one more before they disappeared and left us in amazement. The heat of the day got to us again and the shaded cave was calling our name, perfect time to clean fish.

Saturday evening didn’t produce any slurps, just enough chop on the water made it tough to see activity. Catching smallies on broke rock kept us entertained until dark.

We had high hopes Sunday morning but woke up to strong wind and no slurps. Wind was forecasted for 20+ so we worked our way back to Halls in search of one last slurp.

Pretty smiliar results from our previous trip 2 weeks ago, mornings were more productive and fish were a bit more aggressive. Stuck with Dynamic lures j spec and KVD deep diver both in summer shad. July should bring plenty of boils, already looking for an excuse to come back for more.

Fish on!