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GCNRA said:
Attention Webcam Enthusiasts: We are aware the Bullfrog webcam is having technical difficulties. Thank you for your continued patience.

Attention Webcam Enthusiasts: We are aware the Bullfrog, Dangling Rope, Halls Crossing, Wahweap Main, Wahweap State Line, Hite, and Paria webcams are down. In fact, we have no webcams currently working. But thanks for checking.

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Off topic but related..has anyone ever seen a ranger (or ANY NPS staff) at Wahweap Ranger Station?

Been by there many times over the years with various questions, doors always locked and parking lot empty.

Rangers staffing entrances (a few months of the year) are only trained to take money and hand out pamphlets.



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Has anyone ever received a response to an email inquiry ? I have not.
Not yet this year, however, I have received human-authored replies in prior years. One or two even thanked me for reporting the problem. There are several of us that have offered help/labor/skills this year. I'm sure it's a money / red tape issue, unfortunately.

dallas massie

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When I was down in may I saw brand new dock sections in the parking lot by the old marina store. maybe there is going to be a new dock ? Just read they pulled the other dock at the marina ?
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