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    The attached report was requested because of the
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    I am trying to post the the LP MARINAS ELECTRICAL INSPECTION REPORT ;but, it is to large to post. It is 119 pages in 2 files, with a lot of pictures. Anybody have any ideas, keeping in mind that I have limited computer skills?

    I believe you would find it interesting.
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    I would be interested in seeing it. Did you download it from a website?
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    If you're looking at the report on your computer look at the top of the page you're on - the spot you need to look at may start with https://www or something like that. Put your cursor on that line of information. That's an "address" or "url" in computer lingo. Double click (quickly) on that. It should highlight the entire address. With the address highlighted press and hold the "Ctrl" button on your keyboard. Then press "c". This will copy the address to your clipboard. Then navigate to the page on Waynes Words where you want to post the information. You can reply to the existing thread you started. Drop your cursor in the reply section of your thread then press and hold the "Ctrl" button on your keyboard then press "v". This will paste the address then you can save your answer and exit.
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    The report was emailed to me as a result of a Freedom of Information Request(FOIA) I made to the National Park Service. I downloaded the 2 files to my computer. When I tried to send the files to WW, I got amessage that they were too big.
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    can you email them to me? I'll post them online and make them available here.

    gem.a.morris at gmail.com

    replace the "at" with "@" and leave out the spaces

    You must know something about computers if you filled out a FOIA request and got it back - that's pretty impressive!
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    I'm happy to help also.
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    You could probably upload to Dropbox and link here.

    I'm interested as well. Although I might need someone to give me the cliff notes. 100+ pages of government documents will be a rough read.
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    I've had a career of reading and writing boring government reports; I'd definitely be interested in reading this one and might summarize it if no one beets me to it.
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    Thanks for your help, Gem.

    When I contacted the GCRA for a status on the repairs, I was told to make a FOIA request. I am.

    Has anyone seen crews working the electrical systems?
  12. Cliff

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    Its interesting what they redacted especially photos of items on public docks.
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    Yes, the first thing I noticed was all the redactions of both words and pictures. ??? Also, the survey was done in 2014 and has the repair cycle even begun yet?
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    With all those redactions I think I know how congress feels ./sarc
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    Since we still do not know the status of the repairs, I am going to call on Monday and ask again. I hope others also call since the more people ask the same question, the quicker we will get a answer.

    The number is 928-608-6200.
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    The textual redactions have to make you laugh....Then show a photo of the shutoff boxes for the whole NPS dock??? What?? Didn't have a map to upload also? :cool: I guess no terrorist or vandal would ever go beyond the No Trespassing signs to find those. ;)

    When I read the thread about current leaks into the water at the marinas my first thought was some of the gnarly splices in the big feeder cables, not a faulty ground on a boat. Where does the responsibility rest for the renovations? NPS or concessionaire?
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    I did phone the NPS. I was routed to the engineer for GCNRA/NPS. I left a message. LOL
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    OK. Alex the engineer at GCNRA called me this morning. He is relatively new, meaning that he was not there when the assessment was completed. He did not know where things stood but was heading into a meeting where he could ask. He asked who I was with. I told I am just a concerned patron and an even more concerned grandfather. At that point, his demeanor appeared to soften a bit and he completely understood where I was coming from. He said he felt it was a valid concern. He will check into it and follow up with me. I thought it was great to have that kind of response and hopefully follow through.
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    Now I did it. I received a call from Brandon the Public Information Officer for GCNRA. I spoke to him about the report and the ridiculous idea that they will keep people from swimming in the marina. I also gave him information on the shockalarm and docklifeguard systems that are found on a different post. At least the two people I have talked to thus far have a good attitude and genuinely seem to want to get the information.
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    According to Brandon from NPS. The NPS is responsible for making sure the concessionaire is in compliance. APM has completed their repairs. Wahweap has not yet completed the repairs but are supposed to be completed by fall for re-inspection. I do not know about the other marinas because I did not ask. My guess is that they are not yet complete but should be by the fall. The NPS will either contract another inspection or have one of their electrical engineers do the inspections.

    I am glad these issues from this report are being addressed. However, 3 years from the findings to complete the repairs where safety is concerned is IMO very lackadaisical. The issues should have been rectified, pardon the pun, much sooner. I do not feel that 3 months should have been out of the question to address this issues.

    Please check your mooring agreements as there should be some language with respect to shore power connections. If not, that would need to be addressed as well. Those of us that connect to shore power are or should be responsible for connectors that are in good working order AND not hanging under the water.

    Just my $0.02
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