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Lowrance HDS 12 and 2 7s


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Shoot. Here are the details.
1 - 12 HDS Gen 2 touch graph
2 - 7 HDS Gen 2 touch graphs

Large Ram mount for the 12. Custom aluminum plate to combine the 7s in one spot.
One 7 is missing the power cord, transducer and gimble bracket. They were networked together and onle used 2 transducers between the 3 units. I had the 2 7s on the bow, one to the trolling motor, and one networked to the 12 on the bow. All work great. Side view, down view transducer works great too. Large Ram Mount included. Only selling because I switched to Garmin.

Individually priced at:
HDS 12 $1200
HDS 7 $700 EACH
If you bought all 3 I'll reduce it to $2250.00

Local pick up only. Green cash only.


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No problem. Thanks for letting me know the link didn't work. There are some 3s on Facebook.


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Well I sold most of it. This is what I have left if anyone is interested. I have a job coming up in page and it looks like I'll be there once a month for a year. If anyone wants it and want to meet up in Page, just let me know.

On offer up...https://offerup.co/gfvEgZK2Vcb

In case link doesn't work:
Lowrance HDS 7 touch Gen 2 with 3 In 1 Sonar and Point 1

HDS 7 Touch Gen 2. Includes everything. Bracket, cover, 2 sonars (one 3 in 1 and one "regular"), power cords, trolling motor mount. All works great. I went to Garmin so I'm selling this.

Mesa / Gilbert (or Page) area. Green cash in hand only.


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