Lost I Pad

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I know this is a long shot but the last place I had my IPad was on August 27 about 11 AM at the place when you pull out of Bullfrog and can park for a couple of hours to either ready your boat or if coming out can clean the port a potties and then hit the road to leave. Did anyone find it? I am thinking I left it in the women's bathroom. If you found it I would be happy to give a $100 reward. My email is [email protected]. Thanks
If one of the Wordlings found it, I am sure you will get it back. Did you check with the NPS? Sq
1-435-684-3007 Sq
I found the I pad. I went back to the boat for like the gazillionth time. We have a 1987 SeaRay 230 and if anyone knows that boat they know that on the passengers side there is a little compartment for Wine bottles. I found in there. it had slipped down the crack in the back of the compartment. The I pad case is black and the compartment was trimmed with black paint. I couldn't even see it. Just a hunch I stuck my finger down the crack and could feel something. It took some doing but was able to recover it. I won't be doing that again! I feel so silly.
Do you know about the Find My iPhone App?

If you have it installed on your Apple device and you lose it and it has power and it has reception you can use the app on any other Apple device to find the lost Apple device
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