Lone Rock to Wahweap


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Finally got a chance to get out yesterday afternoon. Launched my kayak from lone rock beach and trolled the cliffs towards Wahweap. About 2/3 of the way there I found a big school of stripers on the lowrance hanging around 13ft to 20ft about 50 yards from shore. I dropped anchovy on a kastmaster and got picked off several times (the anchovies were unthawing and getting soft) until I hooked into a monster. Last time this happened I was on an ultra light rod and it snapped my 30lbs leader at the kayak. This time I got it to where I could see color and one head shake he was off. This time I was prepared with my 3000 penn on a medium-light 7ft rod, but he spit the hook. I had to head to shore in the middle of this feeding frenzy as I got swamped by a wake boat (gotta love em) and by the time I drained my kayak and got back out the school shut down and moved on. I never made it all the way to Wahweap. Only thing I landed was 1 small mouth trolling a 6 inch white Rapala salt X-RAP I had on incase I saw a boil. Didn't think I'd get out because when I got there the wind was blowing and rain was falling, but it calmed down for a nice afternoon/early evening on the water.