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...Lake Powell is really hot. Wait that's not the saying. :confused:

Glad to see the board back up and running. I don't know if I ever actually posted an introduction on the old message board, but figured I should maybe say hello. I lurked for a long time on the old board and posted my first message just a few week or two before the site went dark...I was hoping it wasn't something I said. :p

I grew up around boats in Colorado with some of my fondest memories being the long, lazy, summer days on my parent’s houseboat on Lake Powell. Those experiences instilled a love of recreational boating and heavily influenced my decision to go into the maritime industry. I owned my first boat before I owned a car; when I was 16 I purchased an old Yukon Delta hull and spent every free hour over the next 6-months turning it into a deck boat for fishing at Blue Mesa Reservoir. Sadly, working on the water left little time for recreational boating, and I sold my boat over 10-years ago. With the recent birth of my son, I was looking to get back into boating so that I could share those memories that stand out from my childhood. I purchased a 65-ft Sumerset Houseboat at Bullfrog, UT from an insurance company after it sank at its mooring and I have spent the last year completing a full refit of the vessel with plans to sell shares in the boat. Shares are currently for sale and I've got a few good owners already interested. I suppose I should re-post it in the Yard Sale.
Welcome! I've enjoyed hearing about and watching some of the progress on the Serenity (I'm assuming that's the one). Best wishes for getting her roster filled up!

That's the boat. Only hang up seems to be the legal documents I had a lawyer put together, but I think we've gotten that all straightened out now.

You know the difference between a Caftfish and a Lawyer?
One is a scum sucking bottom dweller...the other is a fish.

Apologies to any lawers, but I have to credit that joke to a friend that happens to be a lawyer.
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