Launching jet skis at Stanton campground


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Hello. I am planning a trip with jet skis to Lake Powell late Sept/early Oct and would like to camp at Stanton Campground. I'll be alone for the first day or two so very difficult to launch a jet ski at the public ramp and bring both the jet ski and tow vehicle around to Stanton to moor near the campsite. Is it possible to launch jet skis directly at Stanton? I have a 4runner so can handle a bit of rough terrain but would not want to get stuck in sand or mud. The photos I've seen of the Stanton area suggest there are some gentle sloping gravel beach entry points but those photos might have been taken at very different water levels. Thanks in advance for any suggestions/advice.


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If you look hard enough you can probably find a spot to launch jet skis. You will still need to decon at the end of your trip. Sq