Last Chance

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Well just wrapped up our solo trip, it was a great time Powell is such a sight to see.

Fishing for us was a little slow took some time yesterday to find a few striper in last chance. Went back this morning there were a few around still but it was slow. Spooned and trolled, fish we caught were decent size. Wish the smallmouth were biting but maybe next time. Learned alot on this trip hope to make it back soon. Thanks guys for all the info shared.


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Glad to hear you caught some, we were in last chance yesterday and saw a couple boats catching some fish. I did catch a 16 in smallie at about 3 : 30 in the back of a side canyon where the water temp reached 60 degrees. went to Padre bay and picked up 2 striper that were really skinny.
I stopped in Navajo on the way back yesterday we got there around 430ish water temp in the canyon was 57-58, went back today on the way back from last chance several boats in there water temp was 56-57. Wanted to fish a few rock piles but there were to many boats so we left for the marina


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Just returned from The Lake and also visited Last Chance. Took the nieces and nephews They had a blast! Only caught about 5 stripers on spoons. But had fantastic trip. Weather was great water was glaas.
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