Last Chance, March 26, 2019

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Went to Last Chance and landed 8 crappie and 2 stripers with 2 anglers fishing for 6 hours (1030am to 430pm) . The water temp in the back of last Chance was 58*F. It was totally overcast today with no sun. We used Senko's and 3 inch single tail jigs that were either gray/silver or chartreuse. We also tried putting a piece of nightcrawler on the hook of our lures. We ended up catching all the fish without the real meat attached and used nightcrawlers for about 1 hour before we abandoned that method. The nightcrawler usually works wonders, but the fish were being very finicky. We also tried fishing for largemouth, smallmouth, and stripers in a couple of other side canyons. We could not get a bite from a smallmouth or a largemouth. One of the stripers was caught trolling in water 15 feet deep and the other by jigging in the back of a cove. The larger striper was in poor condition, dispatched, and recycled. We encountered a resting school of stripers on the bottom at 25 feet deep with the sonar. We stopped directly above the striper school and tried dropping our jigs on them. Got a temporary bite and watched the striper school lift off the bottom with the sonar and then they disappeared. The crappie and the stripers were the only fish that we could find that were biting today and they were making us work for them.

Here are photos of the fish and the HUGE crappie that Seth caught.


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Nice job on the Slabs. I'm hoping to be there soon. Has the water risen any within the past two weeks? what do you think the level will look like in May?

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