Lake Record Catfish - Entry Thread

I'm really surprised at how small these record cats at the lake are in light I something I witnessed. I swear the following is all true.
It was 8 or 10 years ago, our houseboat was tied up at Chuckwalla Spring, just north of the mouth of the San Juan on the other side of the river. I travelled down to Dangling Rope for some fuel and while there I saw 2 cat fish in a guy's 14 or so foot aluminum boat one of which was easily the size of me and I'm 6' and 240 lbs. The other was about 2/3 the size of the big one. I had to learn more. The man had two steel poles bolted to the transom pointing straight up with about 3 feet in between. Another pole was attached to the top of these parallel to the top of the transom about 2 feet above it. On the floor of the boat by the transom was a 12V winch spooled with 1/8 or 3/16" steel cable. The man said he would pick up road kill, embed a very large treble hook into the carcass, then put them in a plastic bag and freeze them. When it was time to fish he would rip the plastic off as best he could, attach the hook to the cable, toss it over the horizontal pole, and let it go to the bottom of the lake. When he felt the boat bob up and down a little he would begin to retrieve the winch. I don't know how long it took to land them or how he got them into the boat but I saw them. He estimated the big one was 200 lbs or better, the other about 120. I remember the bigger one's head was every bit of 2 feet wide. What did he do with them? He told me he had a buyer. Once again, I'm not making this up. I saw it. Good luck fishing, yours, Jack Smoot
so, you're saying someone beat the existing world record channel catfish (58lbs) by ~150lbs from Lake Powell???
Or was he catching 200 pound bullheads??

This reminds me of the under-water welders welding the cement dam that would see catfish the size of VW's. It makes you wonder why nobody ever fished for, or caught them. ??

But, to be honest, this is exactly why fishing is awesome! The mystery of the watery depths are what keep us all going back for more -- in hopes that some day it will be one of us that hooks that mythical giant!

Historically, Lake Powell has been somewhat poor catfish habitat. Steep walled deep canyons just aren't great for a fish that cruises shallow flats looking for scraps to eat. However, this is quickly changing at the upper ends of the reservoir. I think we'll start seeing better and better catfish as time goes on.
This reminds me of the under-water welders welding the cement dam that would see catfish the size of VW's. It makes you wonder why nobody ever fished for, or caught them. ??
You beat me to it. Strange that every reservoir has the same legend of underwater welders coming out of the water and refusing to go back in out of fear. I have known a few deep sea divers, and I highly doubt the accounts.
I know the water is cold below the dam, but with an almost unlimited food source, it hard to believe there aren't any big flatheads getting fat on trout. I wonder if you can use brown trout as bait?
They planted some bigger catfish in Jackson Lake (Kanab) last year. I may go try for them by drifting with a Santee Cooper rig.
I live 5 minutes from Jackson Flats and snag this beast. I was jigging for warmouth and bluegill and caught him on my ultra light with 4lbs fluro. I didn't even realize they had catfish in there.


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