Lake Powell Map Laser Engraved Glasses


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Do you offer these on a wine glass of any type?
Hi, i have not yet engraved this image on a wine glass. I will check and see if i can find one that will work with the layout. I am heading out on vacation on Wednesday and will not be back until Oct. 2nd. As soon as i get back i will see what i can do. Thanks
Hi All, i just receive a new message asking if i still make and sell these glasses. Yes i do and i will still give the WW discounted price of $10.95 plus tax and shipping. I am glad to know there is still interest. Message me if you would like some. Thank you.
I would like 4 small and 4 large....payment info??
I would live to be the proud owner of 2 glasses. I will send you an email with my address.
Thank you! They are really cool!