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KSL: Water watchers expect historically low levels at Lake Powell

David A Dexter

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Hi Bart, I'm coming up to Wahweep on Wed to fish Thurs/Friday. Is the main ramp still open? Is Stateline going to open soon? Or remain closed? Please advise, thanks!


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Good questions! Hopefully someone who's there can respond more authoritatively. Stateline is scheduled to open on Monday (April 26th). Both ramps are within single-digit feet of standard operation. Anything more than that is probably speculation on my part.

wayne gustaveson

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Accessibility of Primitive Launches and Other Sites
As of Saturday, April 24th, 2021 where elevation was 3563.29'

Halls Crossing Launch3550.003548.0015.29 AboveOpen and Usable
Wahweap3558.003556.007.29 AboveOpen and Usable
Bullfrog (Main Launch)3578.003576.0012.71 BelowUnusable, go to main marinas
Castle Rock Cut-Off3583.003580.0016.71 BelowUnusable, use Main Channel
Antelope Point3588.003587.0023.71 BelowUnusable, go to main marinas
Dominguez Butte Cut-Off3602.003600.0036.71 BelowUnusable, go to main marinas
Gunsight to Padre Bay Cut-Off3613.003609.0045.71 BelowUnusable, go to main marinas
Hite Marina3650.003645.0081.71 BelowUnusable, go to main marinas
Farley Canyon3653.003649.0085.71 BelowUnusable, go to main marinas
Copper Canyon3663.003660.0096.71 BelowUnusable, go to main marinas
Bullfrog to Halls Creek Cut-Off3670.003668.00104.71 BelowUnusable, use Main Channel
Piute Farms3682.003680.00116.71 BelowUnusable, go to main marinas
Blue Notch is unknown and really just shoreline launching at whatever point feels good. No minimum given except amount of courage it takes to reach this launch.


We just left Wahweap today after a very windy few days! We’ve never seen the water this low. We decided to just camp at Lone Rock instead of take our houseboat out, didn’t seem worth all the work. The main ramp was open and Stateline still closed, but from what we saw it still looked like it was going to be use-able. It wasn’t very busy anyhow. We did launch (speed boat) off of Lone Rock, but it was definitely iffy. So much was dried up, many of the beaches that one can normally access are left way up high on cliff tops. It was a disturbing sight, honestly. Anyhow, still had fun! 3E4A8913-2406-466F-9688-DC9B86D59E03.jpeg0BF9955D-0FA6-4C64-8484-74BF7B3FC266.jpegD03AEAD6-5E29-4492-A6F1-7F67363C6EF2.jpeg


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It's about 30ft low from last year from the data. I did notice that wahweap from main ramp to stateline the whole beach was reshaped via nps machinery. They had a floating dock there and lots of heavy equipment/activity for all this that was removed in March sometime as I hike down there a fair bit. They don't post inflows in the paper just level and outflows. I'll have to check antelope now but I was there about 1 week ago and the ramp is still closed, a lot of kayakers down there. Those pics by ksl are not dated and thus cannot be taken for making any conclusions. At the prescribed low water of course it will be very low but that's all artificial.

What I can't understand is why the outflows were kept so high over the winter, in a very linear line, when all the water upstream is trapped in snow, you would think outflows would be higher in summer because the lake has no shade, the river has more shade so less evap than the whole lake. Also obviously late spring to late summer is going to have the highest amount of designated dam inflow to keep the water level at the dam constant, otherwise we'd visually see a dry line above it, that's not seen. Reported prescribed dam inflows in late june seemed to go from 14,000 to half or less in very little time, like days, seems very odd behavior to me. Main ramp looks exactly the same level to me as of last week as does state line. The permanent service dock to the north of main ramp, before state line, is at the same level, they just buried their own existing concrete cart/walkway in sand for some reason. I'm on the ground here at least once every two weeks or so and went to the wahweap beach 2-3 days a week up to early november of last year. I'm just puzzled why all the press about this now, doesn't really add up tbh.
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