Knockers Update

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You didn't fail us rainbow😁
I was afraid you might not be feeling good😂
Loved how you slipped that one in, KY.

As usual you live up to your name & reputation....and show up when things get a bit hard to deal with (y) (y)


On a serious note, no wasn't feeling too good, but Bill's fascination with Knockers certainly lifted a little something for me and put a bounce in what had just been hanging around.

Reminds me of my fav old Bob Hope tune: "Thanks for the mammaries'.

Ok I can't resist, It is important to keep abreast of situations as this develops. There are mounds of information to be gleaned from incidents like these!
When a situation like what happened with Knockers occurs, there are more than two things to consider: Was anyone hurt, is there negative impact to the lake and what will be the final outcome. I find that it is titillating. I hope all turns out well for the lake, bottom line. I prefer to think of the cup as half full!
Not open for further replies.