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Kicker Fuel Source

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I picked up a 9.9 Bigfoot and am considering replacing the 15 Johnson on the transom. I’m thinking about tying the fuel line to the big tank and eliminate the kicker tank under the back seat.
How are your kickers plumbed for fuel?


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I plumbed in a T in my line, works fine
I did put a check valve in the kicker line, I have a 15 HP Merc that is fuel injected, but probably didn't need to put the check valve in, I haven't had either starve for fuel


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I plumbed mine into the line from the main tank with a tee and a check valve. And it worked fine. Problem was sometimes my fuel gage would tell me I had a half tank, when it was really about bingo on fuel,. so If I ran the tank dry there wouldn’t be any for the kicker either.
also I always worry about getting bad gas from the pumps on the water, not to mention that they all have 10% ethinol Mixed in (not good)
so I switched back to a plastic 5 gallon tank filled with “clear 88”
that way I have two, stand alone, independent systems, and any potential problems with one can’t cross contaminate the other. It works for me


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if you have a newer boat there is a good chance the main fuel tank has a second pickup for a kicker. if not add a water seprator fuel filter with 2 outputs. simple and cheap.
This is exactly what i have setup and seems to work fine.


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Thanks all for the advice and pics. Do you still use a primer bulb? This motor is NA.
I'm running the same set-up Bob recommended. Primer bulbs on both lines, seldom, if ever, need to use them. With the ethanol fuel we're forced to use at times, its nice being able to change the separator/filter every year.
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