Just got back from ”opening weekend“ at bullfrog


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We were camped in the back of the cove next to you guys Friday to Tuesday. We had the white Lund with a 6 year old girl. I feel like we were 2 weeks late and missed the great fishing. I was surprised that even the crappie we caught were spawned out. My little one did nail a hog of a largemouth. I had to help her hang onto her rod as she was close to losing it. This big hen was also all spawned out as was everything we caught.
It seemed like fishing picked up about 1:00 pm everyday. We were focusing on walleye and crappie but as usual caught everything. The crappie seemed pretty scattered and it made sense when I saw they were spawned out.
One afternoon I was fishing a knuckle ball jig with a 4" gulp minnow and caught walleye, crappie, smallmouth, largemouth, small striper, catfish, and a carp on it all within about 30 minutes.
The mudline was basically from just north of Blue Notch from there on up visibility was like 6".
Did you make it up to White canyon?


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We arrived at bullfrog Friday around noon to find the ramp still fairly busy. Loaded up and headed North to GH and set up camp near Red Canyon. Littlesaltwash shared a great hidden cove with us and we enjoyed his company when we were in camp together. We fished close the first night and caught a couple of LM on z man craw Ned rig and released both and several SM on Ned rigs. Saturday headed north and found mud line just above camp in GH, went to two mile but with the visibility about 6” and debris in the water we decided to head back south. Quite a bit of floating wood with a couple of big logs and I decided it wasn’t worth breaking down to me and we didn’t see another boat that far up. We came back and fished from castle butte down to the end of GH bay and caught fish scattered everywhere. We caught bluegill on a bottom bouncer, cat fish through the upper lip on Ned rig and stripers trolling crank baits. We caught SM, LM, crappie, bluegill, walleye, catfish, and stripers this trip and most were on Ned rigs, color didn’t seem important walleye were on dark sparkly color. One crappie was on a bottom bouncer too. It was a strange fishing trip to me to catch some of the fish the way we caught them. We found a school of young stripers that were in good shape hanging below carp on the surface, if you put the lure in the middle of the carp you would catch a striper if he was big enough to take the lure he would get hooked! We ran into a couple of Wayne’s words regulars this trip which was an added bonus for me. We bumped into a 16’ crest liner with six people in it fishing so I knew we had to be in the right spot! Dungee is always a pleasure to talk to and share his knowledge and Nixon is a hoot to listen to, I bet there is never a dull moment on that boat. And littlesalt was great to camp by, most of the people on this site are the salt of the earth! Note; All the SM were full of crawfish. Good luck out there and thanks to all of you who have helped me with so many questions since my return to Powell. And no TR I didn’t catch a fish on a fly pole, but I will! Sorry, I don’t know how to fix the pictures!!

Update, the TRD we were using was the green pumpkin goby.

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Ahh dang. We were right over the hill from you in the cove to your north. We should have stopped by and said hello. Sure we passed each other several times over the weekend, Glad you guys had a good time.
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Ahh dang. We right over the hill from you in the cove to your north. We should have stopped by and said hello. Sure we passed each other several times over the weekend, Glad you guys had a good time.
So far I have met some of the best people from this site on the water, or should I say the people I have met have all been super helpful and nice. There are a lot of great people on here. I wish we could have bumped into each other. I saw so many boats in GH and surrounding coves I am sure you were one of them. I do have have a Shad flag on top, if you see us come say hi. I would enjoy the encounter. I am pretty sure I saw your tracker, didn’t know whose it was, next time I will probably say hi to the wrong people and they will think I’m nuts. LOL