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Just back from 9 days at Lake Powell

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Sharon Hunt

As usual we fished from Rock Bay up to Balance Rock. Had some motor trouble so stayed close to dangling rope. The fishing was good but not as good as we had hoped for. I'm thinking it may have still been a little too warm, temperatures in the day were still in the mid 90's but nice out on the lake. The evenings were wonderful! This trip was by far our best weather at Powell for that many days in succession, only one afternoon the wind came up around 16. It was also disappointing to see the lake had dropped 20 feet since we were there in June. Much of the shoreline was full of the black stinky mud, I don't remember it being quite so bad before. Is that due to the mussels? One thing gave me great pleasure, that was to see all those dead mussels on the rocks from the dropping water line. Unbelievable how fast they multiply! Oh well Lake Powell is still Awesome! As for the fishing we caught 6 LMB, 6 Walleye, 3 stripers, and an abundance of SMB.
We saw no boils and the 3 stripers we caught were small. Three is the least # of stripers we have ever caught but we don't fish with anchovies. We tried getting
up at sunup one morning and the fishing was dead, I even tried a top water lure Wayne to no avail! I probably need some lessons LOL! The times of the day varied
when we caught fish, one day we sat and watched the speed boats go by for the challenge at noon and the SMB hit like crazy on the S side across from Dangling Rope. Go figure! As usual we fished from shore to 30 ft, underwater islands and rocks, backs of coves, anywhere we found structure. We used Yamamoto grubs in pearl white, watermelon grn, grn pumpkin, and also double tail pumpkin because many of the fish were eating crawdads. They all worked well with 1/4 to 1/2 ounce jig heads. Like I said in one of my other post we like Yamamoto plastic grubs they are much more natural than others we've tried and the results prove it. They may be a little more expensive but who cares if you catch fish!! It was a fantastic trip one more for our memory book! Thanks again Wayne for this wonderful website!


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