June 9, 2021 - Fishing is Great*

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wayne gustaveson

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June 9, 2021
Lake Elevation 3561
Water Temperature 72-78 F

Lake Powell continues to rise! The lake has come up 1.5 feet since May 25th. However, the outflow has recently increased. We can only hope that the inflow will continue to be more than the outflow for as long as possible.

There are no services at Dangling Rope Marina until further notice. The docks were damaged in a wind storm and are not safe for visitors or employees. Visitors may not use the dock for any purpose while repairs are underway. If heading uplake from Wahweap make sure to take extra gas with you so that you can safely arrive at your planned destination.

On my weekly fishing trip, I headed to Buoy 25 Cove to see if conditions had changed since last week. Surprisingly, there were no boats in the cove. With the Cove all to myself, I switched from bait to trolling. We deployed two Lucky Craft XD 100 crank baits, and began trolling at 3.3 mph. Within the first 30 yards, both rods bent over and the battle began. As the hooked fish came to the surface, we were surprised to see that three fish were on only two lines. The two fish sparring on one line pulled hard at the same time and one of them swam free. We only landed two of the three fish, but it was such a great start to great day of fishing. We turned the boat around, retraced our path and hooked two more 3-pound stripers. While my two trolling anglers on the back of the boat were playing their fish, I quickly dropped a spoon down to the 30-foot bottom and hooked another great striper. This time we got all three fish in the boat, two on Lucky Craft Pointers and one on a jigging spoon. Fishing for stripers is still great over the length of Lake Powell.

That evening we went to visit family camped at Lone Rock. While enjoying a very calm sunset on the beach, we saw two schools of small stripers slurping on the surface and heading in opposite directions. It is obvious that tiny shad are now abundant and the 12-15 inch striper schools are feeding early morning and late evening. The best approach to catch slurping stripers is to use a white clouser fly, or other small white dry flies at dawn and dusk.

Walleye are still actively feeding. Anglers’ fishing from Rock Creek to Mountain Sheep Canyon reported great success using Yamamoto green pumpkin (with red or black flakes) single tailed jigs. Fish the grubs slowly along the bottom in 20 feet or less to target walleye, smallmouth and largemouth bass, and striped bass.

Catfish, bluegill and green sunfish are actively working in brushy (wind-blown tumbleweeds) coves. Use a whole night crawler to catch catfish, and smaller worms or pieces of night crawler on a tiny jig head to target sunfish. Bluegill will use the shade of a houseboat for comfort as they spend their day near shore. You can catch them all day long.

*The lake is low, launching may be challenging, but once on the water and out of the channel, the fishing makes it worth it.


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