June 26-27...where are the slurps?


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Got back Sunday night from a quick trip to the Lake. It wasn't a very productive trip as far as harvesting is concerned, but we didn't fish really "hard" either. We launched from Wahweap Friday morning and went through the cut, then Warm Creek, up into Gunsight, over to Padre Bay on our way to take a first timer to Rainbow Bridge. We looked for slurps/boils the whole time but didn't see anything until we got to MM 42, right in front of Dangling Rope. It was a small school of smaller fish. They were pretty boat-shy and came up and went down a couple times without us ever getting a hook up.
After Rainbow Bridge, we proceeded up to Hole in the Rock without seeing another slurp. On the way back to Wahweap we saw a small slurp at 44, then another at 40 but that was it; they were up and down quickly, again without ever hooking up. We drove all through Padre, Kane and Gunsight on the way back without seeing any more slurps. Again, we didn't fish hard, but we put up a big fat ZERO for the day.
Saturday we decided to take the other way and ran into a couple slurps by the wakeless buoys at Anchovy Point. It was a small school of smaller fish; they were up and down twice, we hooked up twice and landed 1 striper. We spent most of the day playing, swimming and "fishing" over in and around Padre. No slurps. Later in the afternoon we went over into Labrynth and trolled the southeast shoreline and caught and released 3 really nice smallies.
Although the "harvesting" sucked, it was fun to get away with the fam. We loved sharing one of our favorite places on earth with our new daughter in law, who had never been to Powell. Hopefully you have better luck than we did. I'm sure it will pick up for our next trip at the end of September.